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Cristiano Ronaldo's Biggest Fan Dishes About The Hug Seen 'Round The World!

He got to hug his idol. He was arrested. But it was all worth it for Ronald Gjoka.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The 19 year old pitch invader who wouldn't let Cristiano Ronaldo go yesterday after making straight for his idol has been bonded out of jail and has spoken with Miami's Local 10 after being charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

He relates that once he'd decided to invade the pitch he was on a mission: "[D]on't look back, just go."

The article continues:

"I decided to add a little knee slid on it just for a little celebration. I think Ronaldo always does that celebration so I thought that he would find it funny, and he did -- he gave it a little laugh -- but after that, [I] gave him a big hug, told him [you're] one of my biggest idols, always followed you, please -- and I said, 'Please, Ronaldo, don't let the cops take me,' and that's when Ronaldo gave me a very big hug to make sure that the cops wouldn't take me."

In the video accompanying the article, young "Ronnie" (still wearing his CR7 jersey post-arrest) relates that "some stuff was said that was personal...I told him 'I've followed you since '05, I've always watched your games. You're a role-model for me; growing up with a single mom and with no dad around I always looked [at you] as a role model.' He doesn't get tattoos because he gives blood for cancer [research] even though he's a millionaire...he has paid for many children's charities, he's saved lives. I believe he is the biggest role-model in the world."

During their brief conversation Ronaldo told young Gjoka that he would try to give him his jersey after the match. Alas, having been arrested, Gjoka did not receive it and terms his life ever-so-slightly "incomplete" as a result, in spite of his great fortune in meeting his idol and aiding Real Madrid in a good twenty seconds of time-wasting in the 67th minute to protect their 3-1 lead over Chelsea to boot!

Meanwhile the slightly soulless Miami Dade Police have released a statement:

During the International Champions Cup final in Miami’s Sun Life Stadium a fan managed to enter the field and approach and hug Soccer Icon Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo. This is an isolated and an unfortunate incident and we apologize to Mr. Ronaldo and the fans. The Miami-Dade Police Department is looking into this matter in order to ensure there are no reoccurring incidents in the future.

While we at Managing Madrid do not wish to condone law-breaking, we are in complete sympathy and hope the young fan gets his jersey, learns his lesson, and (with contract negotiations on-going) gets to see his idol in white for a long time to come. As for the Miami-Dade Police: perhaps tempering justice with mercy (with apologies to William Shakespeare) would be best.

And no, these are not tears. It's just allergy season.

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