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Arbeloa: "It's Good to See Some People Changed Theater For Cinema"

Piqué gets another answer, this time from Arbeloa.

Alex Livesey

As we told you in the match recap, Gerard Piqué tweeted after the game that he was watching a comedy and not a football game in Canal+ Liga -channel showing Real's match-.

Ancellotti told the press that Piqué should focus on playing, but Real Madrid defender Álvaro Arbeloa took it to the next level and tweeted the following:

"Very happy because of the three points. I'm glad someone changed theater for cinema/movies, that's always good!"

Arbeloa is clearly referring to Barcelona's known fame of diving and trying to confuse the referee. Piqué's tweet clearly implied that he wasn't happy about the referee's decision to give Pepe a penalty, so I think Arbeloa's answer was both funny and appropriate.

What do you think?

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