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Carlo Ancelotti: "We Have A Fantastic Roster"

Real Madrid's coach conceded an interview with UEFA in which he spoke about his team and the goals for this season.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Carlo Ancelotti has spoken about Gareth Bale's signing, Cristiano Ronaldo's adaptation to another position and more. He has succeeded in his first few months with Real Madrid and he also spoke about his goals with this club in this interview with

[On the roster] "We have a perfect mix of experience and youth. We have a very good team and we will be able to play good football. The young players have added intensity and enthusiasm to the roster".

Gareth Bale has been Real Madrid's oldest signing this summer, and he just turned 24. With Isco, Illarramendi, Casemiro and Carvajal, the team's roster is indeed very young and with a bright future ahead if things go well for Real Madrid.

[On Gareth Bale] "He's a very quick player that has a lot of good qualities in terms of controlling and shooting the ball. He's very dynamic and a great footballer who had the desire to join Real Madrid. Everything will go well for him. I haven't talked with him much because he left to play for Wales, but I did welcome him and I will see him when he comes back".

He also had some interesting quotes about Cristiano Ronaldo's positioning after Bale's arrival.

[On Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale together] "We will manage to build a system for them, there will be no need for Cristiano to move to the center. We need to find them a place in which they feel comfortable, that's what you do when you have players of this caliber. We will find a system which suits them and the rest of the team well".

It will be strange to see Real Madrid playing with a 4-2-3-1 formation again, but Ancelotti seems to be considering that option, unless he thinks that Cristiano Ronaldo is not playing in the center right now.

[About the signings] "We just added Bale, who is a well-known player by everybody. The team was reinforced by some players from Castilla like Jesé and Casemiro. Carvajal is a good right back and we also signed two young players with experience in La Liga with Isco and Illarramendi. Isco also has good experience in the Champions League".

Ancelotti had something to say about Real Madrid's expectations for the season:

[On the team's goals] "It's normal to have pressure when you're a coach. Every team want to reach their goals. La Décima is a great motivation for all of us. It would be a great success for the fans, the players and everybody involved if we manage to win it".

And finally, Ancelotti spoke about Real Madrid's rivals in this Champions League edition.

[On Galatasaray, Juventus and Copenhaguen] "Galatasaray and Juventus are good teams with experience in this competition, they're always competitive. Copenhaguen was a surprise. I don't think it is an easy group, it will be very balanced. I was in Juventus for two seasons and they are a great club, and they also signed players like Tévez and Llorente. They've been with the same coach for three seasons now and they have a good organisation".

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