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Mesut Özil: "I Would Have Gone to Arsenal For Free"

He indeed wanted to leave.

Carlos Alvarez

Özil said to Die Welt the following:

I would've gone to Arsenal for free. I had lost respect in Madrid and Wenger made me realize that.

Now, did the board force him out? I don't think so after reading this.

That's not a good comment by a player who had the respect of the fans and the teammates alike -as it has been proved this last week-. Now some Real Madrid fans might have lost their respect to Mesut Özil, who appeared to want a way out of the club quickly.

If he was so eager about leaving Real Madrid, there's no way the fans should want him in the roster. He could've been a different player for the club if he had a different attitude, but both him and his father wanted to have a status on the club that wasn't earned on the pitch. He's not Cristiano Ronaldo and he didn't deserve to be treated like him, as his father suggested once.

He will now have a team built entirely around him. Enjoy that, Mesut. Maybe you will now miss the titles.

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