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Carlo Ancelotti: "Jesé Just Had a Cramp"

While Carletto showed satisfaction after the 2-0 win, he knows the game at El Sadar won't be an easy one. He shared some info on Jesé's condition as well.

Denis Doyle

Ancelotti first talked about Jesé's brilliant moment: "Jesé played well. He worked hard, he scored and he was heavily involved in the game. He's an important player. He's living a great moment and we have to enjoy it."

Jesé abandoned the game with an injury. According to Ancelotti, it's not bad: "He's fine. He just had a cramp." (Emilio Butragueño said Jesé had a problem in his soleus muscle and will undergo some tests on Friday to determine if it's serious or not).

Jesé himself talked about his injury: "It was a very strong cramp. I've never felt one as strong as this one. I don't think it's serious though."

On the team's overall performance: "It was a good game, especially on defence. Pepe and Ramos were both good and the team took advantage of it. Ronaldo and Jesé's position changed throughout the game. We missed one or two passes in the first half but we improved for the second half."

On the two goal lead: "2-0 is a good result. We tried scoring a third goal and we were actually close of getting it. The game in Osasuna won't be easy. We'll enter the game thinking it's 0-0."

The Italian coach talked about the next Atlético vs Barcelona match this Saturday: "I don't know. It's hard to think about that. It's bad that they can't both lose but both can't win either. We have to focus on winning our game to get closer to them."

On Ángel Di María: "I didn't need him. Bale did well, he was very dangerous. Jesé and Cristiano Ronaldo also had some good plays too."

About the winter market, and future of Álvaro Morata who was rumoured about wanting to leave the White House this winter: "We haven't changed out minds. Morata stays. He hasn't talked to the team about leaving either. We are happy with him."

Carletto, on possible signings this winter: "We did sign a very important player: Xabi Alonso."

On Gareth Bale's performance: "He's a player that needs to be in a better condition. That's why he played the entire game. In the first half he tried to play more in the inside and he limited his spaces himself. He played more on the outside in the second half and he was better there. He's a player that has struggled with some physical problems for 20 days and is trying to get into optimal condition."

Ancelotti, on the defensive performance of his midfielders: "Both Modric and Illarra did a good job on defense. Luka was great in the attacking front too, switching between short and long passes. Illarra could've been better in the passing game."

Finally, he also talked about both Marcelo and Álvaro Arbeloa: "I'm very happy with their performance. Their work is very important for our style and we didn't have any problem there. Both were great defensively."

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