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Osasuna vs Real Madrid, Copa del Rey 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Real Madrid didn't need to push themselves to get a really comfortable win at El Sadar. It wasn't an exciting game, but it's a solid win with an overall solid performance by the entire team.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno


Iker Casillas: He was barely challenged by Osasuna. He made a few good saves but his defenders kept the ball away from him most of the time.


Álvaro Arbeloa: B- The entire defence was solid tonight but Arbeloa wasn't brilliant. He struggled at times and his was the only side that offered a few chances to Osasuna. Not terrible, but could've been better.

Pepe: A Great game by the Portuguese defender. He was perfectly placed on every single play, allowing him to clear the ball at the exact moment. He leads a defensive unit that hasn't allowed a goal in 388 minutes.

Sergio Ramos: B+ Just like Pepe, he was really solid tonight. Other than letting Osasuna take a couple of shots outside the box, he played well tonight.

Fábio Coentrão: C+ Two months later, he was back and he looked really solid tonight both as a defender and as an attacker. Still, he was shown the yellow card twice, the first one for complaining to the ref. You just can't be that dumb.


Asier Illarramendi: B Osasuna's offensive struggles started with Illarra. Defensively, he played really well tonight.

Xabi Alonso: B- Alonso had a good game defensively. His recovery set up the counter attack on Real Madrid's second goal. Still, he was a bit inaccurate at times.

Isco: C He looked lost at times and wasn't really comfortable in his position. When he had the ball, he always tried to pull a fancy trick that most times led to Osasuna recovering the ball.


Ángel Di María: C He scored, yes, and that's the only reason why he gets a pass, but other than that, he didn't do much on either defence or offense. He made a lot of bad choices tonight and was very inaccurate too.

Jesé: B- He was all over the place although rather unsuccessfully. Jesé's play on Di María's goal was spectacular.

Cristiano Ronaldo: B+ The new Ballon d'Or was very active in the first half, trying to score from outside the box, drawing fouls and most importantly, he scored a goal on a free kick (thanks to Andrés's mistake). He played for just 15 minutes on the second half.


Gareth Bale: C The entire team relaxed after getting a 2-0 lead, so Bale entered a game that demanded nothing from him. Still, he could've generated a bit of danger if Di María had assisted him properly.

Álvaro Morata: - He hurt his eye just a few moments after entering the game and, even though he tried to fight the pain, he had to leave the game early.

Casemiro: B With the game already won, he wasn't required to do a lot. He still recovered a few balls and almost scored on a corner kick.


Carlo Ancelotti: B Other than his failed experiment to use Isco as a fake-9, his team had control of the game. The substitutions were made at the right time and for the right men.

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