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Carlo Ancelotti: "We Need To Win Tomorrow"

After qualifying to the quarter-finals of the Spanish Copa del Rey, Carlo Ancelotti answered a few questions regarding tomorrow's game against Betis, his players' conditions and the tactical systems he is using lately.

Denis Doyle

Given that our coach seems to be deciding which his favourite system is in the last few games and he did not look like he has already made up his mind, a few questions on the differences between the 4-2-3-1 and the 4-3-3 were asked. As Carletto confirmed, Isco is a player he likes for the first system, to act as an attacking midfielder -mediapunta- but a new transition to the 4-3-3 sounds more than likely, as his words might confirm:

The 4-3-3 system makes it easier for us to defend and keep the balance. Controlling the game from the ball possession with three midfielders and three attackers is easier for us with this system. I used Illarra together with Alonso and Di María in a 4-3-3 against Osasuna to see how he can deal with it.

Although he did not confirm the lineup or the system for tomorrow's game, our coach insisted on the importance of winning the match to stay strong in la Liga, and gave a few hints: Alonso's eardrum is almost recovered, Bale is totally OK and will likely play a great match, and Jesé has a lot of chances to play as well, though he might not be a starter. There were also good words for the defenders:

We have started quite well. Our last four consecutive clean sheets are a consequence of the good job our defenders are doing. Pepe and Ramos came back in a really good condition from the Christmas vacation. They have improved a lot and this helps us to be confident against any rival.

Our coach did not dodge any of the controversies that surround the team. When asked about the somehow strange fact that Casillas has not played any league game in a year, he just said that he has been great every time he has participated in Copa del Rey or Champions League. He also confirmed that he counts on Coentrao and Morata to help the team this season, stressed their importance and denied the possibility of them leaving the team before summer.

Finally, after answering his question, our coach scolded a journalist from As who was present at the press conference for them inventing his words about Özil. In my personal opinion, this was a great gesture from our coach.

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