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Real Betis Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: The BBC, Di María and Morata get RM closer to the top (5-0)

Brilliant performance by Ancelotti's men. Easy win against La Liga's worst team. Just what you'd expect from Real Madrid.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Still in third place in La Liga, Real Madrid visited the worst team in the tournament. Real Betis had just 11 points and was one of the worst defences in La Liga, meaning Madrid had a great chance to at least remain within three points from both Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid.

Both teams tried to start the game with a lot of intensity. Probably with a little too much intensity. Betis were pressuring a lot without creating any good chances, other than a shot from outside the box that was easily controlled by Diego López. That said, Real Madrid didn't even have that during the first ten minutes.

Then, lost in their own intensity, Betis allowed Cristiano Ronaldo to take a beautiful long shot from outside the box to make it 0-1. Andersen didn't even have time to react as the ball was perfectly placed by the new Ballon d'Or. It has to be considered one of the best goals in La Liga so far.

Other than Cristiano Ronaldo who was driving Chica absolutely insane, the rest of the BBC still needed to create any meaningful danger. That changed in the 25th minute when Gareth Bale took a free kick and did his best Ronaldo impersonation to make it 0-2. This time, Andersen just didn't react for some reason.

It all got worse for Betis. Right before the half, Modric recovered a ball outside the box, dribbled past two players and assisted Benzema who made it 0-3. Like Ronaldo, Modric is in another level.

Ancelotti's men didn't create a thousand chances but the score was well deserved. Real Madrid were dominating on every phase of the game. Betis's brave, intense attitude lasted ten minutes. Los Blancos didn't give them anything. They suffocated them. Very, very good first half for Madrid.

Betis started the second half just like they finished the first: completely overwhelmed. You knew it was just a matter of time before Real Madrid scored the fourth goal.

After a couple of good saves by Andersen, Di María scored Real Madrid's fourth goal on a long, low shot from way outside the box on a rebound after a corner kick. 0-4 and it was just the 63rd minute.

Real Madrid's defence was facing a weak team but they did their job. They barely allow any shots on goal and cleared every ball that got anywhere near López's box. Even Bale contributed defensively. López barely broke a sweat.

After Di María's goal, the entire team relaxed. Ancelotti gave Morata, Illarramendi and Nacho (happy birthday!) to try and get the team's fifth goal and Morata delivered. Ronaldo's poor bicycle kick turned into an assist that left Morata alone in front of Andersen. Álvaro didn't waste it and made it 0-5 to end the game.

Great performance by the entire team.

Diego López's biggest physical effort came when he applauded his defence after clearing a ball in the 71st minute. Well, not really, but it was close. It was just a very good defensive performance. That's the fifth straight game without allowing a single goal.

The BBC was really effective. Having Di María and Modric sure helps too. Speaking of Luka, you'll hardly find a better midfielder than him today.

Real Madrid was so accurate today. They scored on a free kick and two long goals. That's not going to happen very often. Even Ronaldo's failed bicycle kick became an assist on Morata's goal.

We can't forget that Betis is the worst team in La Liga. Great win, but don't expect this kind of performance week after week.

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