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Real Madrid Take Disciplinary Action on Di María

The controversy regarding the Fideo's ugly gesture during the match against Celta seems to be approaching its end. Ángel Di María spoke to the club's website and the official TV channel to clear the situation.

Denis Doyle

My gesture was natural and was not directed to anybody. I was addressing neither the fans nor the míster, but I want to apologize in case anyone was hurt.

These were some of Di María's words after the club decided to take disciplinary actions on him. The official statement is that the Argentinian player's "informative record" has been opened, meaning that he was, in a way, obliged to speak to the media and explain the situation. He tried to explain that his gesture was natural, something that any player can do many times during a game, and that he meant nothing with it. He claims to be happy to have cleared the rumours:

I find the club was right to open this record, not just for them, but also for me to have the chance to explain the situation and what it was, as I also did in Argentinian radio stations. I believe it is good that I speak directly to the club and explain what happened on the field.

Finally, the Fideo confirmed his aim to keep working hard and do his best to help the team. We hope so, Ángel, be sure we do.

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