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Carlo Ancelotti: "It's an important victory because we put in a great footballing display"

Ancelotti recognised this is the team's best game so far in the season, and he finally talked about El Clásico and how good each team is looking before the big game. Also, a few quotes from Cristiano Ronaldo.

Alex Livesey

Carlo Ancelotti first talked about the performance of his team against Liverpool:

It's a very confident and mature team. Everything went right for us. We defended well and contained their intensity. It's a very important victory because we put in a great footballing display in an amazing environment, including the fans that didn't make things any easier for us.

The Italian coach then talked about Cristiano Ronaldo's substitution early and whether he asked him about it:

Before the game, I thought about giving him some rest if things went well, but it wasn't agreed on. He sprinted a lot of times and I wanted to avoid any risks, so I took him off. I didn't ask him about it (laughs). I don't need to. It's impossible to ask a player when he's on the pitch.

Now, with this game already in the books, Carlo finally spoke about el Clásico:

It will be a game between two teams who get there in great shape. it's going to be a great show and luckily, I have a ticket to watch it. We get there enjoying a great condition and the entire team is focused, but Barcelona is also looking great. We have to recover and we don't have a lot of time for it. We'll use a very competitive team next Saturday.

On Isco's ridiculous performance:

I've always trusted him, and with Bale out right now, he's going to have more chances. He's well. He sacrifices himself out there, just like the rest of the team. Everyone helps to attack.

On Real Madrid's chances to win the Champions League again:

Like I've said many times, we have a very competitive roster. This tournament made us very happy last year and we'll try to repeat that this year but we know it's not easy. We're full of enthusiasm about it.

Finally, Ancelotti talked about Liverpool's performance:

I think Sterling and Balotelli created danger at the start. I really liked Sterling playing between the lines.  After scoring our three goals, they lost a bit of hope and a bit of their mentality. Our goals affected Liverpool's performance.

Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese star also spoke to the media. Of course, he was asked about breaking Raúl's Champions League scoring record:

I'm not worried about it. I know I'm going to break it. Messi and I are very close, but the important thing tonight is that we got the three points.

On scoring in Anfield for the first time in his career:

It was very special and I'm happy about it. We knew Anfield was going to be tough, but we were fantastic during the first 45 minutes. We deserved to win.

Finally, he also talked about his substitution and whether he and Carlo discussed that before the game:

I don't have to agree on anything with the coach about any possible substitutions. It was the right call because we have a tough game next weekend.

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