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Ancelotti: "We played as we always want to play"

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media after the 5-0 win against Athletic Club and praised a lot of his players and shared some information on Sergio Ramos' condition.

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

Carlo Ancelotti first shared his overall thoughts of the game:

It was very good. We're all satisfied because we played as we always want to play. Offensively and defensively, everything went right. The whole team played a good game.

On the performance of the BBC (Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Cristiano Ronaldo):

Our attackers played fantastic, all three of them. While Cristiano scored three and Karim scored two, Bale also had a couple assists and worked hard for the team. When they play together that well, it's really good for us. Our midfielders also had a good game. We had lots of chances.

On the team's system and James being a third midfielder:

It's simple. When we have the ball we try to involve our midfielders, with our backs pushing forward. When we don't have it, Bale pulls back a bit, James opens to the left to try to make a four-men line. And James is adapting well. He played in a different way before, but he's very humble, he likes to work hard and learn, which makes it easier for him.

Was this the team's best game since the European Supercup in Cardiff?:

I think it was our best game after the Cardiff final. I see the team well. Compared to last season, we're looking a lot better in this part of the season. We need to continue this process but we're on a good streak. We even looked more focused on set-pieces and were able to keep a clean sheet. Everything has worked for us.

On Sergio Ramos' substitution:

Sergio had a muscular problem. His right calf bothered him, so we took him out to avoid any problems. He wasn't very comfortable with it. He'll undergo some tests tomorrow to find out what happened.

Managing Madrid's Lucas Navarrete asked the Italian coach about the impact of the team's full-backs, Dani Carvajal and Marcelo:

For our style they're very important. We need their work up front. They are combining well with our midfielders and our attackers, or at least in this game they were. But I think the most important thing is that our team is looking very fit after playing so many games. Our trainers are doing a pretty good job so far in this stretch.

Asked if, right now, he would bet on Cristiano winning the Ballon D'Or again next year:

To bet some money? (laughs) I think this year there is no doubt about it. I don't think there will be any bets because there is simply no doubt this year.

On how the international break might affect Real Madrid and the awesome streak they're enjoying right now:

I'm not worried about this. The most important thing right now is to avoid any injuries. At the same time, when la Liga returns, we have a stretch of important games, against Levante, Liverpool, Barcelona, so if we're lucky enough we'll be able to start La Liga playing as well as we are right now.

Again, on the team's system and whether this is Carlo's favourite system:

Right now, we're not experimenting. We've been using the same system and we'll keep improving working on the adaptation of our new players. We're confident and comfortable with it.

Asked: "as a football person, what do you think after the dance celebration after the first goal?". Carlo looked like he wanted to laugh at this random (bad) question:

I honestly didn't even see the dance. If they all danced together, we might need to practice that during the week so the celebration looks good. It might've been a nice celebration.

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