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Reasons why Casillas' controversial interview isn't good for Real Madrid

Real Madrid's captain broke his silence about what happened during the Mourinho era, the Bernabéu's whistles and his future. He was sincere, honest and clear. But does that actually help the club?

Manuel Queimadelos Alonso

This interview came a year later. Casillas could have and should have spoken this clearly about the mole-gate, Mourinho's tenure, his call to Xavi Hernández and everything he talked about to Canal+ one year ago, when Mourinho left the club. But instead, he decided to bring some controversial topics up when Real Madrid are finally playing well. When Ancelotti's men finally gave the media something good to talk about --Ronaldo's case for the FIFA Ballon D'Or, James' good adaptation to the squad, the 5-0 against Bilbao... -- , all they will talk about during these 15 days of FIFA break will be Iker Casillas.

When you are the captain of such a big club, such a global enterprise, you're expected to act properly and put the club ahead of your own interests. And that's not something Casillas has done in this situation. The goalkeeper even felt like he has the right to question how Florentino Pérez behaved when Mourinho decided to bench Casillas. Let's keep in mind that Florentino Pérez is Iker Casillas' main boss. Does he have the right to answer "I felt isolated" when asked about whether his boss' manner during this affair surprised him or not? Is he implying that Pérez should have supported him even though that would have meant he doesn't agree with the coach's decision?

Casillas also claimed that he did not call Xavi Hernández to say sorry back in 2011. Good. But he should have made that clear a couple of seasons ago. Or maybe last year, when he won the Príncipe de Asturias award ex-aequo with Xavi. Instead, he remained silent, with most madridistas feeling like he did apologize to FC Barcelona for no reason at all.

Believe it or not, Real Madrid's starting goalkeeper also said that "working in the gym doesn't suit me", although you will not find that quote in most of the transcripts. You can still watch the interview here. Casillas has always had a goalkeeping gift. It's true that push ups are not going to improve that. But as he gets older, his agility and reflexes decrease, and that can be balanced by working hard on the gym. If he realises that soon enough, he will be able to play for many more years, but if he doesn't and keeps relying on his gift, younger and fitter goalkeepers will soon get his spot.

One way or another, the timing of this interview does not help Real Madrid. It's true that apart from the topics discussed above, the interview was quite mundane. But it doesn't help the club to question Florentino Pérez's behaviour, to admit that he doesn't work out in the gym because it doesn't suit him or to clarify that he did not say sorry to Xavi Hernández three years after that call actually took place.

Casillas has every right to speak and concede interviews. But it would be great if next time he keeps a low profile. For the sake of Real Madrid, the club of his life and the one company who pay his wages.