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Managing Madrid's Gaming Poll

We'd love to get your thoughts!

Denis Doyle

Hi friends. As some of you may have heard, the 2015 version of Football Manager was announced today and BOY AM I EXCITED. In addition to FM15 being released, FIFA 2015 was recently unleashed on the world recently so pasty nerds (like me) everywhere will have even more reason to stay inside and never see the light of day like normal functioning adults.

But I digress!

The whole point of this post is that I'd like to gauge the interest of the Managing Madrid community in me writing a weekly gaming article where we can all chat about FM and FIFA. The reasoning for this post is two-fold. First, for us gamers this could be a great way to discuss our tactics, achievements, anecdotes, etc. Remember, kids: knowledge is power and sharing is caring so if we share what works in our games, we all come out as winners. Secondly, it'll keep the gaming comments in one central area instead of them popping up in more serious posts, thus keeping us more on-topic in game threads, tactics threads, injury threads, etc.

On my end, I was planning on chronicling the entire 2014-2015 Real Madrid season (and maybe that of a couple other smaller clubs) and sharing my results with you once a week. Here's an example of a pretty popular FM blog I follow for reference. I'd love to see how others manage their clubs and would greatly welcome your input. If gaming isn't your thing, this post would only appear once a week so feel free to happily move past it onto our other content!

So there it is, what do you think?

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