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Ancelotti: "We will be better with Bale in the lineup"

Carlo Ancelotti expressed his satisfaction after the 0-4 victory over Granada.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

After obtaining the eleventh consecutive victory, Ancelotti showed his happiness about the performance displayed by the team:

Right now, we are playing with a lot of quality, concentration, work and sacrifice. I have said this many times: when the team fights, things tend to go well.

However, Real Madrid's coach wants to extend this winning streak as much as possible in order to conquer the Liga BBVA leadership before Christmas:

We need to work hard to keep this streak, to continue earning points displaying an attractive game. Many people seem to think that Bale's recovery will be a problem for us, but I think he will help us to improve. I am very happy with how we are doing right now, but we need to keep trying to do better.

On tactical issues, there were remarks about the important involvement of the fullbacks in Real Madrid's system:

When you play against teams that are folded up in the middle, you need to use the wings to create advantages. Sometimes we will go for one-on-one situations with Cristiano or James, but the aid of the fullbacks there is great to create a superiority, and they have all been fantastic today.

Surprisingly, there were no questions about Carvajal, who left the pitch injured. As Arbeloa confirmed later, the substitution was just a precaution and he should be fine.

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