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Report: Jesé feeling "very good" about his right knee

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

It has been a while since Jesé Rodríguez started training with his teammates -- almost one week -- , and according to Carlo Ancelotti, he could be ready to play in about a month, possibly on the second leg against Cornellà. Sources close to Real Madrid and Jesé Rodríguez told Managing Madrid that the player feels "very good" about his right knee and his recovery process after a "tough period of time".

The hardest part for Jesé was having surgery on his right knee for a second time because of an infection. That misfortune could have ruined his football career had his cartilage been affected, but luckily enough it definitely seems that Jesé will be able to play at an elite level once again, just like many other athletes around the world who went through the same injury.

One way or another, Jesé Rodríguez will need to be careful and recover some of the explosiveness he once showed, as he will be forced to regain confidence on that right knee as soon as he steps on the field of play.

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