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Sami Khedira Wants to Stay with Real Madrid

The midfielder doesn't rule out the possibility of signing a contract extension.

David Ramos

Sami Khedira has had an interesting last year or so while at Real Madrid. From a starter at the beginning of last season, to suffering a devastating knee injury on pointless international duty, to returning in time to start in the Champions League final, to more injuries at a highly-successful World Cup and now back from yet another injury with Real Madrid. He alone suffered more knocks and bruises in the last season than many players do in years.

All this time away from game action, coupled with the acquisitions and rise of other midfielders, have led some to speculate that his time with the club is coming to a close and especially given that his contract is set to run out next summer. In some ways, it almost seemed like a foregone conclusion that he'd be leaving sooner or later, especially when he took a bit of an unauthorized trip to Germany while his teammates were facing Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup, but in a recent interview with Kicker he expressed his interest in re-signing with Real Madrid and not going anywhere.

As of now, I see no reason to leave the club in the winter. Real Madrid are a great destination, and I have locked this club in my heart. There is no grounds for me to say that I want or that I have to leave.

He also gave a bit of a hint of ongoing contract talks, as well as his professing respect for Carlo for still rating him highly.

I said back then that I am averse to signing a new contract, but my agent is still in talks with the club... A lot of great challenges are waiting for me at Real. Moreover, I rate the coach highly because of his knowledge and his way of handling things. He gives me the feeling that I am needed. I was out injured for six weeks, and made the squad after only two training sessions with the team. That says everything about how the club and the coach bank on me.

While nothing is concrete, fans of Sami should be pretty pleased to hear that he remains amicable with the club's higher-ups and that he wouldn't be opposed to staying.

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