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BREAKING: Ancelotti: "Real Madrid and I are talking about my extension"

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

It was just a matter of time. Carlo Ancelotti spoke to La Republicca Sport and publicly said that he's negotiating a contract extension with Real Madrid. The Italian coach, who managed to win a double last season -- and La Décima, more importantly -- has built a solid and brilliant Real Madrid squad that's aiming to win La Liga this season.

I hope not to be remembered just because of La Décima. My contract ends in 2016 and we're already talking about an extension.

Source: La Republicca Sport

It has become quite evident that Ancelotti deserves that contract extension as a recognition for his efforts. Although lots of things can happen in football year after year, the Italian coach has made his case to stay with Real Madrid for a long time. Furthermore, there are no reasonable replacements, so Real Madrid could be in trouble if Ancelotti decides to walk away from the Spanish capital in 2016.

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