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Real Madrid - Liverpool, UEFA Champions League 2014-15: Player ratings

A solid performance by our players to secure the qualification to the Round of 16.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno
  • Casillas: 7. He did not have much work to do, as Liverpool only managed to shoot on target once. However, he seemed more confident with the ball on his feet that he normally is.
  • Arbeloa: 7. A correct game by Álvaro, who was serious in the compliance of his defensive duties and who was also helpful in offensive tasks.
  • Varane: 9. An imperial performance. The agility and speed are nothing new in Rafa, but his defensive aerial play was fantastic today as well.
  • Ramos: 8. His game was similar to that of Rafa's, although he could have been sent off after unnecessarily slapping Borini in an intransigent action when he was already (unfairly) booked.
  • Marcelo: 9. When he is inspired, Marcelo is, possibly, the most creative player in Real Madrid's roster. I am pretty sure that a couple of muses visited him before the game.
  • Kroos: 8. Solid performance by the German cyborg. Once again, a brilliant 95% of correct passes to dictate the tempo of the game alongside with Modrić.
  • Modrić: 8. A good game by Luka as well, who beautifully assisted Ronaldo with a lob that our Commander missed to transform into Real Madrid's second goal in the night.
  • Isco: 7. His visual impact on the game was fantastic, as usual, but he was not as productive as in the last few games. Once again, he showed a great defensive workrate.
  • James: 7. A similar performance to that of Isco's. He seemed tired after having played so many consecutive games and was subbed off in the second half for Bale to take his spot.
  • Ronaldo: 7. A discrete game by Ronaldo, who was correct in the combinations with Benzema and Isco upfront, but whose shooting was poor tonight. He seemed a little anxious about breaking Raúl's record, which he will, for sure, do soon enough.
  • Benzema: 10. Undisputed Man of the Match. We have said this many times, but the UCL version of Karim would be a serious contender for the FIFA Ballon D'Or. He scored in the first chance he got, and his football was fantastic throughout the whole game.
  • Bale: 8. He entered the field around the sixtieth minute and proved he is fully recovered. He hit the crossbar in one of his first actions and almost provoked a penalty kick in the last few minutes.
  • Nacho and Chicharito did not play enough minutes to get a mark.

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