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Ancelotti unveils the rotations he will make against Cornellà

Juan Manuel Serrano Arce/Getty Images

Some players on this team are visibly tired, as one could see during Real's second half against Málaga. That's why they could use the manageable, useless Copa del Rey match against Cornellà to rest.

Marcelo, Pepe, Ronaldo, Benzema and Kroos will rest. The other players will all start. i am going to start Medrán and Jesé will come in during the second half.

He confirmed the midfielders too.

Khedira is available, and he will play in the midfield with Medrán and Illarramendi.

And last but not least, he pretty much confirmed Asensio's signing.

He's a very good player, we are interested in signing him and we'll try to bring him in next summer, not this January.

And obviously, he had some words to say about the fight between the Atlético and Deportivo supporters.

This is a sad day, it's important to condemn violence, and we have to work to avoid these issues in the future. We have to get rid of this in football, in England there is no violence and they do not insult you either. There is no police in the stadium, there are kids and there are no problems.

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