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Carlo Ancelotti: "I like Kramer, but there are many other midfielders I like"

Carlo Ancelotti talked about the team's ridiculous streak, the condition of his players and even answered a question about him being interested in a certain German player.

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As usual, Carlo Ancelotti first gave his overall impression of the game and denied his team, already in first position in the group, relaxed against Ludogorets:

We needed to win this game and that's what we did. We played with good intensity and got the win without much trouble. We didn't play with the hand-brake on. We prepared this game like we always do. It was a comfortable game, with lots of chances for us and in the end it all went well.

It was a game well played by Real Madrid, but some players who usually don't have a lot of chances stood out for the Italian coach:

Nacho played a fantastic game. Chicharito wasn't able to score, but he worked really hard for the team, and Medrán scored. We're living a happy moment.

On Asier Illarramendi looked great against Celta last weekend, but looked even better against Ludogorets:

He's ready to take over the reins. He played the game at a very high level, like his last two games. He played with confidence, fed the offence with many through balls and forward passes and he's gaining more confidence. Of course he's ready to play the Club World Cup.

It's December, which means there will be tons of rumours linking great players to Real Madrid. This time, it was about Christoph Kramer, a player that Ancelotti confessed he likes:

I can't talk about players that do not play for Real Madrid, but he's a player I like. There are many midfielders that I like.

On why the Italian didn't give rest to more players against Ludogorets:

Kroos had some rest last week, and so did Bale. They did not need to rest.

This was Real Madrid's 19th consecutive win, making it the only Spanish team to ever reach that number:

It's an achievement this team has earned by taking it seriously and being professional. We'll keep it up, preparing the games the best way we can. I have an extraordinary team. I won't get tired of saying that. Nacho, whenever he plays, does it with an incredible quality. I wouldn't have imagined we were going to win 19 consecutive games after our loss against Atlético de Madrid. Whenever something wasn't working, we would fix it, but this is something else.

On players loving him:

To talk about love with my players...I don't know...(laughs) We talk about our good relationship. I feel appreciated, and I try to thank them for it whenever I can. I've felt a lot of love from the club and everything is working out great for us, so we need to fight to keep this moment alive.

On Gareth Bale leaving the game early after a big hit to the nose, and the condition of Sami Khedira:

Bale just had a knock on his nose. We probably won't have Khedira back this Friday. We might have him back next week.

Finally, he talked about Jesé Rodríguez's return and how he'll handle him in the next few weeks:

Next thing for us is to give him more minutes. He's sticking to his work plan. His strength level is fine, but he has to improve the aerobic aspect.

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