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Five takeaways from Real Madrid's 4-0 win against Ludogorets

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Real Madrid went six for six in this Champions League's Group Stage, becoming the first club to ever manage such milestone twice in this competition.

5 takeaways from the 4-0 win

  1. Illarramendi is getting some of his confidence back - You can't actually blame Asier Illarramendi for losing his game after not enjoying much playing time lately. Training sessions are obviously very important, but a player needs to feature in competitive matches in order to be comfortable on the field of play once again. Last Saturday, Illarramendi was already one of Real Madrid's best performers, and he kept this good form going with yet another good display against Ludogorets. With James injured, Illarramendi will likely have more chances against Almería and also in the upcoming FIFA Club World Cup. He has a good chance to prove his value.
  2. Nacho Fernández could be better than Real Madrid's fourth center back - Nacho has often been criticized, especially last season after he made a couple of big defensive mistakes. This season though, he has been spotless, providing all sorts of defensive coverage for his teammates. The Spanish defender is Real Madrid's fourth center back on the depth chart, but he could probably be playing good minutes elsewhere. If he's happy with his role, Real Madrid are lucky to have such a reliable backup.
  3. Ronaldo can't stop scoring - The Portuguese keeps getting mocked for scoring so many penalties, but the truth is that his accuracy rate from the spot is just another one of his skills that should be applauded. Cristiano is in the best scoring form of his career, and while will likely go through a scoring drought throughout the season -- at least a couple of games, right?! -- his numbers for this club are something that will be remembered for decades.
  4. Gareth Bale doesn't deserved to be whistled - Calmly, Gareth Bale is silencing his critics by doing what he does best. Scoring goals and delivering assists. Against Ludogorets, he notched up Real's second. Overall, one could think that his performances have been mediocre. After all, when his own crowd his booing and whistling him, that actually means he's underperforming, right? Wrong. Gareth Bale has scored 8 goals and delivered 5 assists over 19 games played this season. Bale can do better, he probably knows it, but Bale is still that same player who scored the title-winning goals for Real Madrid last season -- yes, Ramos' equalizer in the Champions League Final was bigger, no question --.
  5. Chicharito's attitude should be noted - The Mexican striker isn't having a lot of chances to make an impact yet he's always cheering his teammates and working hard on the pitch. He could've passed the ball to Isco instead of taking the shot himself, it would have been a better chance for Real Madrid, but nobody can blame Chicharito for having that willingness to score again and show what he can do.

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