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Carlo Ancelotti: "I won't be asking for new players this Christmas"

This was super brief, but there a couple good questions asked to Carlo Ancelotti, including whether or not he'd ask for a big Christmas present.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

This was a mini post-match presser for Carlo Ancelotti since Real Madrid had to leave the stadium quickly to catch their flight. As usual, he started by giving his general impression of the game:

This wasn't an easy game. The result is deceiving. The truth is Almería fought hard, and we struggled with possession. It wasn't until the very end that we were able to control the game, with Ronaldo's goals.

With this being the last game of La Liga of 2014, the Italian was asked to share his thoughts on what was a very special year:

This has been an unforgettable year. This team deserves a very high grade. We finish a year where we won lots of trophies, including La Décima.

Will Carletto ask for a Christmas present (a.k.a. a new player) this year?

No, not for Christmas (laughs). Only thing I want is to go on vacation. After that, we'll see about Modric and James's condition. Both are recovering well and we might not need any new players.

On the Club World Cup:

The only thing that counts is to win it, like any other tournament.

On Iker Casillas' impact on tonight's win:

He was huge. He saved a penalty in a key moment of the game. After that, things were a lot easier for us.

Finally, he was asked about the Champions League draw:

I have no interest in that at all.

Oh. Ok, then.

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