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BREAKING: Clásico will be played on Sunday March 22nd to give Barça one more day of rest

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images

Controversial news by Mundo Deportivo. According to the Catalan outlet, the second -- and last -- Clásico of this Liga BBVA will be played on Sunday, March 22nd. That will give FC Barcelona one more day of rest after their second leg against Manchester City, which will happen the Wednesday before.

This would be reasonable, and not controversial at all, had not last October's Clásico been played on a Saturday -- 18:00 kick-off -- even though Los Blancos visited Liverpool that same week. Cristiano Ronaldo complained about this decision, which didn't make sense, and the Liga BBVA have now made sure that they don't make the wrong choice, even though some Real Madrid fans surely expected the same kind of settlement by the Spanish league.

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