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Sergio Ramos: "Real Madrid is God's team"

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

According to Ancelotti, James is available, and Ramos will need to evaluate his condition after the team's training session.

These two are different situations, James has already recovered from his injury, he has been training with the squad and he's ready to go. Ramos had a minor problem but we need to see how he feels after this training session.

Ancelotti is optimistic about Real's chances.

The team is ready, we have confidence and we are looking forward to finishing this year the right way, and with that attitude something positive will happen. I've watched a lot of San Lorenzo games lately, I'm not worried about the controversy around the game. We will need to display all our good qualities, these matches are not based on skills, but also on attitude, tactics and all.

Ramos has not trained with the squad after leaving the Semifinal with minor problems on his thigh.

I've made some progress these last few days, I like to go step by step, and this Final is a big motivation for me, but we have to confirm my feelings during this training session before making a final decision about my injury. Obviously, if there's any risk of a setback, I will not play.

Ramos likes to command Real's midfield, and that requires good communication between him and the DM. So far, Ramos is impressed with Kroos' performances.

I admire Toni, he's a great player and he commands the midfield. His work so far has been very important for the team. My English is not perfect but it serves me well to communicate with him (laughs).

The Pope is a San Lorenzo fan, but Ramos isn't worried.

I believe in God and I respect the Pope. But this is football, after all. Real Madrid is God and the world's team.

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