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Real Madrid - UE Cornellà, Copa del Rey 2014-2015: Player ratings

A brilliant performance by James and Isco that was culminated with a beautiful and emotive goal by Jesé Rodríguez.

Denis Doyle/Getty Images
  • Pacheco: 6. It is difficult to grade Pacheco since Cornellà only managed to perform a couple of shots on goal. He seemed to guess the trajectory of the penalty kick that Cornellà had, but it went out anyway.
  • Arbeloa: 3. Once again, a poor performance by Arbeloa, who definitely needs to improve in order to be a decent backup for Carvajal. He was an offensive liability and fouled a Cornellà attacker inside the box when the game was still 0-0, conceeding a penalty kick that, had it been scored, could have put Real Madrid in trouble and wrecked the fans's nerves.
  • Nacho: 6. Once again, a serious game by Nacho, who is a fantastic man to have on the bench, since you know for sure he'll be fine in any of the defensive spots in our lineup. He deflected one of Cornellà's shots just before it entered in Pacheco's goal.
  • Varane: 5. A serious game by Varane as well, but he did not really have much work to do either. He was subbed off during the break to let Llorente in.
  • Coentrao: 6. A correct defensive performance and some good incorporations into offensive situations. Fàbio is getting better every day.
  • Illarramendi: 6. It was good to see Illarramendi rule the game and dictate the tempo of the game, since Kroos will need to rest in difficult games at some point, although the opposition was not hard enough to measure his performance accurately.
  • Khedira: 4. His game was intrascendent, and that's not a good thing if you want to earn minutes in a team that works as fine as this Real Madrid does. He seemed to be playing a different game to that of his partners. Hopefully, he will improve with time.
  • Isco: 8. A brilliant performance by Isco, with three assists, a beautiful goal and a big number of tricks that make the Bernabéu applaud heavily.
  • Medrán: 6. He started a bit shy and had a hard time coordinating his moves with Isco and James, although he left a few interesting details. The kid has talent, and hopefully he will be able to show it with the first team many times.
  • James: 8. A good game by James as well, playing in a more offensive position, with two beautiful goals and an assist to Isco.
  • Chicharito: 7. Although he seemed a little anxious in the beginning, he left a fantastic back-heel assist to James and a goal in the second half.
  • Llorente: 6. He played the second half and did not make any mistake, although he did not have a lot of work to do either.
  • Jesé: 10. The man previously known as Big Flow came back and scored a goal. I don't mind being unfair here, but he deserves to be appointed as Man of the Match. Kudos to him.
  • Javi Muñoz: 7. A canterano that enters the field in the sixtieth minute, with 4-0 in the scoreboard, and risks being booked by cutting a counterattack by hitting a ball with his hand because it's the right thing to do deserves my respect and admiration. He was about to score a goal in the late minutes.

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