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Carlo Ancelotti: "We'll try to make 2015 as good as 2014 was"

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the media after Real Madrid won the Club World Cup. It was brief, but it was easy to tell Carlo (and his evil eyebrow) was extremely proud of winning another competition to close 2014.

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Carlo Ancelotti started by making a general evaluation of a 2014:

It was incredible, unforgettable. We're very happy to close the year winning the Club World Cup. It was a fantastic year. Now we have to keep it up because the season didn't end today. We're just halfway through it, but we will work really hard to make 2015 as good as 2014.

On whether this is his best moment as a coach:

Well, it's a great moment. I'm really happy to be the coach of this team, and winning the Champions League and now the Club World Cup in my first year.

On Sergio Ramos' impact on the finals Real Madrid played this year:

I could talk about Ramos, who scored a goal tonight and in the Champions League final but I like to talk of the team as a whole, and they did a terrific job in 2014.

On winning four trophies (Copa del Rey, Champions League, European Super Cup, Club World Cup)  this year:

I feel pride and joy. I'm in a club that has fantastic players. We can keep going, and we have to face the future with great enthusiasm. We deserved to win this tournament. We can say that right now Real Madrid is the best club in the world.

On being a better coach after coaching Real Madrid:

Coaching Real Madrid is a terrific experience because we have a family. That family is united by one common goal, which is to do our best to win.

Did the Italian coach expect such a great environment at the stadium for the final?:

It was a very positive surprise because it really made us feel at home. It wasn't the Bernabéu, but Marrakech was like our second home. We received a lot of love from the people. They helped us win tonight.

If he had to choose, which was Carlo's favourite moment of the season:

Maybe the key moment in the season was the Copa del Rey final. Winning that cup then helped us gain a lot of confidence. The team improved a lot after that.

On Cristiano not scoring against San Lorenzo:

He always helps the team. He's a team player too. What else can you say about him? It's the best player in our roster.

On the place this Real Madrid has in football history:

It's hard to compare us with other teams. Football changes so quickly. We work really hard and we play well, but it's impossible to compare us with other teams. We're just happy to be a part of Real Madrid history.

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