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Report: Real Madrid to demand Manchester United to include David De Gea in the Gareth Bale deal

*Sigh*. According to Mirror, Real Madrid want David De Gea (plus many, many millions) for Gareth Bale. Here we go again.

Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images

The whole "Gareth Bale to Manchester United" fantasy continues, at least for the British media.

This time, it's the Mirror joining the fun. According to them, Real Madrid would demand United to include David De Gea (plus nearly 100 million euros) in the deal if they want to sign Bale. Of course, with the rumours about Marco Reus joining Los Blancos next season, someone would need to leave to make room for the German star.

De Gea is a fine GK and Reus is also a terrific player, but are they any better than Bale? After all, Real Madrid just paid a lot of money to sign him in 2013 and he's already delivered some unforgettable moments with the white shirt. Also, Keylor Navas is still waiting on the bench.

If they really want Bale, Manchester United would need to make a ridiculous offer to the current European Champions, and even then, I'm not sure anyone actually expects Real Madrid to sell. In any case, De Gea, as good as he is, will hardly become the deal-maker.

We'll see what the media comes up with next. After all, it's only December.

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