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Carlo Ancelotti: "Jesé needs more time"

Jesé Rodríguez was the main topic at this presser after the 5-0 win against Cornellà. As good as Jesé's return was, Carlo Ancelotti made it clear he won't rush him back.

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Jesé's goal

Carlo Ancelotti first had some info on Sami Khedira, who had to leave the game early in the second half after a massive blow to the head:

It was a blow to the head, but he's fine. He'll spend the night at the hospital to avoid any risks. It's just a blow, but after spending the night at the hospital, he'll be just fine.

On Jesé Rodríguez's amazing return:

He was great, but he needs to get used to play again. He started well, he showed good attitude on the pitch. He scored, so it all went great for him. The team also took the game seriously, played focused and we deserved the win.

More on Jesé and the amount of playing time he'll see from now on:

Considering he's a player that was out for nine months, we have to involve him slowly. He'll see more minutes against Ludogorets, but he needs more time. Recovering from that kind of injury isn't easy. His recovery went great and he's worked a lot. He's another player available now.

On using many youngsters (Fernando Pacheco, Álvaro Medrán, Diego Llorente and Javi Muñoz) and Zinedine Zidane's influence on it:

First of all, we finished with six academy players on the pitch, which is great for the team and the younger squads. Zidane's work has been great. He's very charismatic and players listen to him. Players are growing and we'll enjoy them like we did tonight as much as we can. Lots of them are ready to play, like Llorente, Medrán and Muñoz. Our work with these young players will slowly be more and more important.

Carletto talked about James Rodríguez's development as a Real Madrid player:

It's been great. It's not easy to get to a team like Real Madrid and show the quality and attitude that James has showed us. We're very happy with him, and he's going to get better. I love his attitude. He's a very humble player, and it is very important to have a very talented player being as humble as he is. It's great for him and our team.

After the 5-0 win against Cornellà, Real Madrid extended their record to 17 consecutive wins. As amazing as that streak is, it's end is not something that concerns the Italian coach too much:

We've never thought about the record. We didn't think about it before and we're not thinking about it now. We'll just keep it up. We're just focused on our game against Celta and La Liga. That is our objective now, and we'll see what happens later. Of course we're happy with this streak, and we're working hard to make it last as long as possible.

Again, more on Jesé and how he might affect players like Chicharito:

With the amount of games we have to play, there's room for everybody. Jesé can play everywhere, but he's more comfortable as a left wing. He can play as a striker too. Naturally, he's different than Benzema, but if necessary he can play there or even on the right wing.

Asked if Jesé might play a bit scared after his serious injury:

I don't think he's scared. He just has to get used to playing against opponents and receiving the ball again. That's the most important thing when returning from an injury like that. I don't think he's scared. He works fine at Valdebebas on one-on-one and two-on-two situations.

On Raphaël Varane's substitution and Isco's chance of having that yellow card he saw against Málaga erased:

We're confident on the committee erasing that card. We're sure about this because it was an unfair card. Varane went out because of a right-leg issue. He's not injured, but we didn't want to risk him.

Finally, he talked about Asier Illarramendi's role:

I think Illarramendi can play with Kroos. Maybe we can send Kroos to the right, and have Illarramendi at the middle. He played a lot of games next to Xabi Alonso, so he can take that same role again.

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