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Khedira spent the night in hospital with a concussion

The German panzer suffered a concussion during the game against UE Cornellà after receiving a blow to his head.

David Ramos/Getty Images

Bad luck seems to have focused its display on Sami Khedira this season. The German midfielder, who got back in the lineup last night after having missed the last few games, had to abandon the field in the sixtieth minute with a concussion, and spent the night in hospital in order to be monitored.

Sami received a blow to his head from a rival when he was fighting for a ball, and fell to the ground immediately. He even seemed to have gotten unconscious, but he was able to get back to the field after having been treated by Real Madrid's medical team. A few minutes later, however, he continued to feel dizzy and, while Real Madrid were defending a set-piece, let himself to the ground and asked to be subbed off. In principle, there is no reason to be seriously worried as his hospitalization was only a matter of precaution.

Get better soon, Sami!

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