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Ancelotti should win the Ballon D'Or for coaches, believes Cristiano Ronaldo

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Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Spanish reporter Manu Sáinz -- who's close to Cristiano Ronaldo -- writes that the Portuguese player firmly believes that Carlo Ancelotti should be the Ballon D'Or winner in the coach's category.

Ronaldo believes that Ancelotti winning the Champions League and the Copa del Rey, and building a team capable of winning 17 consecutive games should be enough for the Italian to win the prize ahead of Simeone and Joachim Löw.

While Cristiano Ronaldo appears to have the edge over Manuel Neuer and Leo Messi for the big prize, Ancelotti won't have an easy task fighting against Simeone's brilliant, unexpected season with Atlético and Löw's World Cup title.