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Carlo Ancelotti: "Copa del Rey is the least important competition for us but a final is a final"

Real Madrid's coach Carlo Ancelotti talked about the team reaching the Copa del Rey final. Sergio Ramos, Iker Casillas and Raphael Varane joined him in sharing their thoughts with the media.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Carlo Ancelotti

As usual, the coach started by sharing his thoughts about the game: "It was a good round for us. The advantage we gained in the first leg was huge. We scored quickly and we played well. It's important to mention that we didn't allow a goal in any of the Cup games and that means the team has great vitality."

On the team scoring quickly tonight: "The game became very difficult for Atlético after the result of the first match. The game was over when we scored. We are in the final which was our objective."

On the condition of both Marcelo and Fábio Coentrao: "Neither was comfortable to play although Coentrao was available. We decided to give them some rest and they'll be ready for Sunday."

Cristiano Ronaldo was replaced in the second half. The move wasn't because of any problems: "Cristiano is fine. He scored two goals and played well. Our three forwards played well. Ronaldo is ok, he doesn't have any problem." Other than a lighter hitting him in the head, nothing in the game indicated he had any issue.

On Sergio Ramos being replaced during halftime: "We had to avoid any yellow cards. Ramos played the first half with great care and then I took him off to avoid any problems."

On the importance of the Cup tournament in different countries: "The Cup is important here because every team gives it importance. It's different in England. It might be a bit more important there."

Carlo Ancelotti talked a bit more about Copa del Rey and its importance: "The Cup is important because we all fought very hard to get to the final. We're going to fight in every competition we are in. We are still competing in all of them and while it's true that the Cup is the least important one in our path -we still have la Liga and Champions-, a final is a final."

Sergio Ramos

Sergio Ramos talked to the media too: "We came in today with the result of the first leg forgotten because we knew everything was possible."

On the possibility of watching a yellow card that would've kept him from playing the Cup final: "Experience is important and tonight I was playing with a sixth sense activated about it."

Defensively, the team has looked a lot sharper lately: "Months ago people were talking about the defensive disaster and now it's about how well we're playing. The team is above it all."

Who would Sergio prefer as his team's opponent in the final?: "I don't care. Tomorrow we'll see a great game and we already did what we had to do."

On the coward throwing a lighter at Cristiano, hitting him in the head: "We were just talking. I can't even remember what we were talking about. We were laughing. You don't have to punish a stadium because not everybody deserves to pay for one guy, but the guy who threw it needs to stay home." Personally, it's impossible for me to agree with Sergio here. One guy throwing a lighter or a thousand of them chanting racist stuff is just unacceptable and there needs to be some severe punishment against the team and the Vicente Calderón.

Iker Casillas

The team's GK also talked about the coward throwing the lighter: "There's always an idiot that embarrasses the image of a club like Atlético de Madrid." And what image is that?

On tonight's result: "After the first match maybe this game wasn't as interesting. Now it's time to think about La Liga and Champions League."

On the several arguments/conflicts on the pitch: "Those stay on the field. We always keep overreacting about it. Everyone is just looking for what's best for each team."

Much like Ramos, he doesn't have a favorite to play against in the Cup final: "I care very little about our opponent. We don't care about them, we care about ourselves."

Raphael Varane

Finally, Varane also shared a few words. On his recovery: "The surgery was successful. When I played again two straight games the knee swelled and the inflammation persisted through November. We decided that I should rest for a month and now the knee is fine.I believe I'll soon recover my shape."

On being able to play in Brazil 2014: "It's one of my goals but first I have to think about Real Madrid and then I can think about the World Cup."

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