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Real Madrid Vs Fútbol Club Barcelona: Copa del Rey Final

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Last night the culés tied 1-1 in Anoeta against Real Sociedad, succeeding in qualifying to the Spanish Copa del Rey Final. We will have another edition of the Clásico next April 19th, presumably in Mestalla.

David Ramos

One more Clásico for this season. The Spanish Copa del Rey will have an unbeatable final this year after Real Madrid and Fútbol Club Barcelona did their homework to make it through the last match. It will be a great chance for both teams to win a title and surpass their hardest rival, increasing their morale for the last weeks in La Liga.

As most of the media are claiming, it is very likely that this game will take place in Mestalla, the Valencia CF stadium. This is only one coincidence with the 2011 final, which was also held in Valencia and also in April, on the 20th instead of the 19th. In that edition of the Copa del Rey, Real Madrid also qualified against Atlético de Madrid, but this confrontation occured in the quarterfinals instead of the semifinal.

However, nothing can be predicted for this final from all this information. Three years have passed and both teams are quite different from what they were those days, but we can be sure about the great spectacle we will be able to enjoy.