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Getafe Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Good, important win for Real Madrid. It wasn't a very complicated match for Ancelotti's men but still the team could've been a lot better. Modric, Arbeloa and Jesé tied for the Man of the Match.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

It was a good win but the team was far from perfect. It didn't help that the game was over with the 2-0.

Diego López: B He was solid but looked awful trying to clear a cross on a free kick.

Álvaro Arbeloa: A The Spartan played good on defence and was dangerous on the attack. The opponent barely challenged him.

Pepe: B The Portuguese defender had a big mistake in the first half that could've given Getafe the tie but he recovered and fixed his error. Other than that, he solved every play coming at him.

Sergio Ramos: B- He hesitated in a few plays and got beat a couple times. Needs to play more focused. That said, he was solid enough.

Marcelo: B- Getafe got past him a couple of times and just stood there staring during a dangerous play early in the second half. As usual, he looked better trying to attack.

Xabi Alonso: B Xabi wasn't spectacular but he was the first one to help Pepe and Ramos on defensive tasks.

Luka Modric: A He had a discrete first half. In the final 45 minutes though, he was a lot more dangerous. He took a good shot from outside the box that gave Madrid a 3-0 lead. A couple minutes before his goal, he had assisted Di María leaving him completely alone in front of the GK but the Argentine wasted the chance.

Ángel Di María: B+ Brilliantly assisted Benzema on the second goal and kept creating chances for his teammates. Took a couple of shots from outside the box and, with Jesé, was really dangerous on counter attacks. He also wasted a fantastic assist by Modric that left him alone in front of the GK.

Gareth Bale: C+ Bale assisted Jesé on this first goal then totally wasted a brilliant chance created by Benzema. He needs to show more and learn how to solve plays when he's not able to use his left foot. Bale still showed the right attitude and tried to help on defence at times.

Jesé: A He's on fire. It took him just a few minutes to score a fantastic goal and was consistently creating chances on the left side. He led the counter attack that ended in the 2-0. His speed was too much to handle for Getafe. Like the rest of the team, his second half wasn't as intense.

Karim Benzema: B Scored the team's second goal. He pulled a great play getting past two defenders in the first half that should've ended in Real Madrid's third goal but Bale wasted Benzema's assist. He looked good, especially during the first 45 minutes.

Carlo Ancelotti: B- His men looked lost at one point in the second half. They lost focus and intensity and the coach made no adjustment at all. Fortunately, Modric's goal came at the right time. Hard to argue about the lineup or the substitutions.


Isco: B The game was already won when he entered the pitch and couldn't do a lot in 15 minutes. Still had a couple of good chances at the end of the game.

Illarramendi: - He barely touched the ball.

Casemiro: - The Brazilian didn't have a lot of time to do much of anything either.

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