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Getafe Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Homework Done To Stay On Top

Our players enjoyed a comfortable game in Getafe, which they solved quite clearly before the thirtieth minute. Our rivals tried to react in the second half, but a beautiful goal by Luka Modric cut their hopes. With this result, Real Madrid keeps pace with Atlético and Barcelona at the top of the table.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

As we were claiming in our preview, this game seemed essential for the season's progress. After seeing how Atlético and Barcelona solved their games quite easily, our players got into the field with the aim of doing exactly the same. Ancelotti decided to use the best possible lineup, taking advantage of the fact that Real Madrid will not have to play during the week, and his men answered with the intensity he demanded in the press conference prior to the match.

The match was decided in the first half an hour. Supported in the defensive balance our team usually displays, the ball possession was clearly madridista. The rhythm of the game was quite slow, but Benzema was, clearly, playing a different match that his partners. His first half is the perfect example of what Real Madrid needs in a striker that will share the attacking line with Bale and Ronaldo. He was everywhere, opening lanes for Jesé and Bale to run and always giving the midfielders a chance to give him the ball.

Real Madrid's first goal, at the fourth minute, is a subtle piece of evidence of Benzema's importance. All the credit will go to Jesé, but Karim's movement to the center was crucial for our wonder kid to receive Bale's pass with advantage. Later, Jesé's actions were nothing but perfect to trick Valera and put the ball far from Moyá's hands.

Although Getafe tried to get back in the score, our defenders kept performing at a terrific level. Ramos and Pepe are showing a physical condition that makes it easy for them to rule every single game they take part in. It is fair to accept that today they were not as precise as they have been lately, but their speed made it easy for them to solve their scarce mistakes and reject Getafe's goal occassions, all of which came in set pieces.

By the 26th minute, the game was basically solved. Pedro León served a free kick that our defenders put out of our box and we were able to see how our team can still counterattack properly. Jesé gave a good pass for Di María's race on the left wing, who crossed the ball precisely to Getafe's area, where Benzema had enough time to control the ball, drink a cup of coffee and gently score the 0-2. This was Karim's 14th goal in La Liga, which is a tremendous amount of goals that helps to understand how important he is being lately.

After this goal, there was nothing really remarkable before the break. In the second half, our players reduced their intensity while our rivals stepped up a little, and this resulted in a few uncomfortable minutes for us (the spectators, I mean). Most of the action took part in our side of the field, although it would not be precise to say that Getafe was close to scoring at any moment. However, the Croatian midfielder Luka Modric appeared to finish the blue hopes to score the 0-3 with a nice shot from outside the box, after a good pass by Marcelo.

This result leaves Real Madrid in La Liga's first position, sharing the spot with Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid. Next week, we will face Elche in Santiago Bernabéu, on Saturday at 16:00 CET, with the chance to open the gap with our rivals, who are likely to lose some points in the complicated stadiums of Real Sociedad and Osasuna, respectively.

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