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Ancelotti: "I don't understand and I won't forget Cristiano's situation"

Mostly, it was satisfaction about the performance of his men but there was also a topic that irritated Carlo Ancelotti: Cristiano Ronaldo's ridiculous suspension and the way the whole thing has been handled. Varane, Illarra and Bale also shared a few words with the media.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno
Carlo Ancelotti

On the team's performance today: "I'm pleased because we showed solidarity and we didn't give them anything on defence. We could've played better but at this time of the season I think we have to be more effective and that's what we did on this game. In the end, I think I can be happy about it."

Cristiano Ronaldo's suspension was a whole mess from the beginning. A mess that clearly has Carlo Ancelotti a bit angry: "No one is happy with this situation. I don't find his suspension normal or the fact that they didn't reduce it one game nor that they waited until 2:00 pm to let us know that Cristiano wasn't allowed to play. This is unbelievable. Nothing happened from a practical point of view because we won playing well but about this situation, I don't understand it and I won't forget it."

About Gareth Bale: "His game was very clear: without any confidence before his great goal and an entirely different match after that goal. It's normal that the goal helped him but we can't think that everything is going to work out well. It's normal that some guys are going to struggle because we're playing a well-organized team. Bale's game was good enough before the goal and outstanding after it."

On who's going to play in the Champions League match against Schalke 04 next week: "We need to evaluate both Marcelo and Coentrao. They weren't comfortable today. We'll start the best possible team available. Maybe one of them won't play on Wednesday but will do so on Sunday."

On Álvaro Morata getting some playing time: "The move he pulled was fantastic even if he didn't score. He's thinking a lot about scoring but he needs to think more about playing well."

About Isco's performance: "He can play as both as a center-midfielder and as a fake-nine. He's not used to it but he trained well this week but I think he can play well as a midfielder, a spot that requires more sacrifice for a player of his quality."

Once again, he talked about Cristiano Ronaldo and his suspension. Asked if he thought this mess affected Spanish football: "I won't get into this subject. In Cristiano's case someone made a mistake but Spanish football has a good image outside. I still don't understand it though."

On Asier Illarramendi's game: "This game, against a very organized team, with one-on-one match ups for the midfielders, gave us a chance to try different solutions. Illarra's game was really good. He's starting to show more confidence and his game looks a lot more natural. I'm happy for him."

Finally, he talked about Raphael Varane's return: "It's not a problem for him to play on the right or on the left side. He might be more comfortable on the right side but we have to remember that he's back after a long time and he still lacks confidence. He had a relaxed, good game."

Raphael Varane

The French talked about the situation of the team: "We're confident, in a good streak and now the toughest part begins and we'll give it all to win titles. We can do it. We trust our quality but we have to careful not to be over confident. We have to keep it that way and work together."

On having four defenders for two spots on defence: "That's a question for the coach."

Asier Illarramendi

"I'm happy with the goal but most of all I'm happy with the victory. We didn't play well but we got the win."

Gareth Bale scored one of the greatest goals of the season and Illarra like it as much as we did: "It was an amazing goal. He's a great guy, a great player, a great professional and he showed that with such a goal."

On playing next to Xabi Alonso: "You always learn playing next to Xabi. He's always been a role model for me and he's a great player."

Gareth Bale

On his performance: "I'm very happy but the most important thing are the three points. It was a bit difficult for us but I'm happy about scoring a pretty goal."

On the race for the title: "It's really important to win and put some pressure on our opponents. Every time Real Madrid plays, we have to win."

Finally, he talked about the Champions League match next Wednesday: "We're ready. We believe in ourselves and we'll go to Germany and see what we're able to do."

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