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Carlo Ancelotti: "It Was Bale's Best Game As a Real Madrid Player"

A very satisfied Carlo Ancelotti and the authors of all six goals, Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo, spoke to the media after the 6-1 win over Schalke 04.

Alex Grimm
Carlo Ancelotti

On the team's overall performance: "I'm proud of every player. It was a perfect game and we played well. It was a fantastic game. It's hard to repeat this. We played a great game, especially because we scored quickly. The game opened for us after that. We enjoyed some counter attacks and the speed of our strikers."

The BBC had a fantastic night: "All three of them scored. They worked really hard but they also had help from their teammates. They are very, very dangerous."

On the second leg against Schalke: "We have to respect everybody, Schalke, their fans. This is football and weird things happen. It's a big lead but we still have one more game to play."

Real Madrid will play against Atlético de Madrid this weekend but the Italian coach finds it hard to make a lot of changes for that game: "The entire roster is fine. We have rested players and we might change one or two for the Atlético game but it's not easy especially after playing like we did tonight. I hope we can repeat it this Sunday."

Carletto doesn't believe there's such thing as a "German curse": "We didn't think about it. We just thought about doing our best to win."

About Iker Casillas' great save: "That save came in a very important moment of the game. It was an incredible save. It was a key play."

On the brilliant performance of Karim Benzema: "He had a great game, not because he scored but he also helped keep possession of the ball and had a couple of assists."

Gareth Bale had a great night too. Asked if he thought it was Bale's best game so far as a Real Madrid player: "Yes, it's his best game as a Real Madrid player. He's more confident and attacked well."

Cristiano Ronaldo was also fantastic but that's nothing new: "He doesn't surprise me. I know he was looking forward to return after his suspension. He prepared well and was great tonight."

Asked if he had anything he wanted to say to Real Madrid fans: "I don't have anything to say to them. They always support us. We still need to play the second leg, we have to respect both Schalke and the competition itself. We'll do our best in that game."

Cristiano Ronaldo

His thoughts on the game: "The team has played great games. This is just one more of those. We played well against a team that didn't perform well because we didn't let them." "We scored six key goals and we're one step away from the Quarter Finals."

About his suspension in La Liga: "It's already in the past. I'm frustrated about it because what I did didn't deserve a three-game suspension."

Asked about the performance of the BBC: "It was great but it wasn't just us. The entire team was great: Iker, the defence. The team is just great."

On Fährmann saving a couple chances for Schalke: "He did well but I believe in myself and in my potential. In the end I leave with a couple of goals."

On Sunday's game against Atlético: "We get there motivated. We're Real Madrid and we're going there to win."

Karim Benzema

Asked about tonight's 6-1 result: "It was a great game. It's very important to win on the road. It's great to win this way, playing at a high level. We were really good on the attack and we'll keep it up."

The French striker talked about the importance of the derby against Atlético: "Every game is a final for us. Against Atlético it's going to be a great game. We're still in first place but this isn't over yet."

On whether he likes to play more with Jesé or with Bale: "I'm fine with either of them. They are different players trying to do their best for the team."

Gareth Bale

On tonight's win: "We performed really well. We were completely prepared and ready for this game. It's a great result. It was a great team win and we all worked really hard for it. That's the key to our improvement this year."

About their odds on winning the Champions League: "We're here to win it. We want to win every competition we're in. We know it's not going to be easy because there are lots of great teams fighting for it but we'll have our chances."

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