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Cristiano Ronaldo Suspended for Three Liga BBVA Matches

Still, Real Madrid will try to appeal the decision and prove that the Portuguese star was provoked by Gupergui when the ball was in play.

David Ramos

Cristiano Ronaldo will not miss Wednesday's Copa del Rey clash against Atlético Madrid. But he will have to sit out three Liga BBVA matches -Villarreal, Getafe and Elche- after his red card against Athletic Bilbao.

Still, reports in Spain indicate that referee Ayza Gámez made a mistake in his match report that could be decisive. Apparently, the referee wrote that Cristiano Ronaldo "attacked Gurpegui when the ball was not in play", and there is video evidence that the referee had not stopped the match when the Portuguese player first hit Athletic's defender.

Furthermore, the club will try to appeal Cristiano's suspension by saying that he was provoked by Carlos Gupergui. It should also be noted that Ayza Gámez believed and wrote that Ronaldo's polemic gesture was directed to the assistant referee, but there's video evidence that this assistant referee was not even close to where Cristiano Ronaldo was looking.

It will not be easy to lift Cristiano Ronaldo's ban, even after Gámez's mistakes. But things should unfold quite quickly in the next few days.

But first, onto Atlético de Madrid.

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