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Real Madrid vs Atlético de Madrid, Copa Del Rey 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Great performance overall by Ancelotti's men. It's simply impossible to find a bad thing with tonight's game.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Great game. Great result. Great overall performance.

Iker Casillas: B The GK didn't need to do much of anything in the entire game. The only dangerous opportunity Atlético had came on a corner kick and the header was impossible for Casillas to save. Luckily, Modric was there.

Álvaro Arbeloa: B+ He was really aggressive. A bit too much at times. He should've seen the red card for stepping on Diego Costa's ankle in the first half. Other than that, he really didn't allow any chances from his side and was a solid contributor on offence.

Pepe: A- Not a single chance allowed by the defence. He controlled Diego Costa to perfection and even found a chance to advance and attack. His deflected shot gave Real Madrid a 1-0 lead. The only complain is that he allowed the header that was saved by Modric on the goal line. Still, Pepe was a wall tonight.

Sergio Ramos: A Really, really good game by Ramos. His best performance in a while. He followed Pepe's example and barely allowed any danger to Casillas's box. Good on set-pieces too.

Fábio Coentrao: A- Very solid game by the Portuguese left-back. Much like the rest of the defence, he had the game under control and Atlético faced a wall every time they challenged his side. He also tried to help on offence.

Xabi Alonso: B+ He was the first one to contribute on defence. When the ball got near the box, he was always back there supporting Pepe and Ramos.

Luka Modric: A As usual, Modric was all over the place. He spent a lot of time in Atlético's territory and found chances to shoot and take rebounds outside the box. A brilliant cross by him started the play of the 2-0. He also saved what looked like an imminent goal on a corner kick.

Ángel Di María: A Fantastic game by Di María. Pepe's goal was set-up by a fantastic play by the Fideo. That wasn't enough for him. He brilliantly assisted Jesé on RM's second goal and sealed a great night for him scoring the team's third goal.

Jesé: A Brilliant. Simply brilliant. He was always coming up with some dangerous plays. Crosses, through balls, shots. Everything. A fantastic move and shot by Jesé gave Real Madrid a two-goal lead.

Cristiano Ronaldo: C+ Tough game for him. Every time he touched the ball he was immediately surrounded by at least a couple of defenders. Still, he was able to take a couple of dangerous shots from outside the box and one of his crosses should've ended in a goal but Morata wasted the chance.

Karim Benzema: C+ Much like Ronaldo, he was well covered all night. He did what he could, working as a post and coming off the box to try and find spaces.

Álvaro Morata: C+ Ancelotti gave him less than 20 minutes to show himself and he quickly contributed on offence. He was fighting for a ball that rebounded to Di María before the 3-0. He also had the fourth goal in the bag but wasted Ronaldo's cross.

Asier Illarramendi: B He went in for less than 10 minutes. Still, he helped the team control the final minutes of the game.

Isco: - He played less than 10 minutes and barely touched the ball. Tough to judge him based on that.

Carlo Ancelotti: A Good formation and starting line up. Starting Coentrao and Arbeloa definitely paid off. His men were really good tonight.

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