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Carlo Ancelotti: "We replaced Marcelo and Coentrao to avoid any problems"

Carlo Ancelotti answered questions after the 4-2 win over Villarreal, while also addressing the injuries of both Marcelo and Fábio Coentrao. Karim Benzema, who scored a couple of goals, also shared a few words.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

On his team's performance tonight: "They played well tonight. It wasn't easy to prepare this game after the tough match against Atlético."

On Gareth Bale's night: "Bale played a great game, with a goal and an assist."

Carlo talked about the problems Real Madrid faced tonight: "We're in a good moment and we're focused. The energy was different, that's why we suffered a bit. They played well. We had chance to play the counter attack and we did it very well."

Jesé keeps playing at an unbelievable level and his coach is more than pleased about it: "Jesé keeps playing very well. He works hard, he helps and that's exactly what we all want from him. For his age, it's impressive how much he helps."

Now, what a lot of madridistas were wondering, how are Marcelo and Coentrao?: "Marcelo had a back issue. Coentrao wasn't feeling comfortable on his injured leg. I replaced them to avoid any more problems".

On the possibility of switching Bale to the left side and Jesé to the right: "I'm not changing them now. Both scored. I'd rather keep Bale where he is so he can cross and shoot better. For Benzema's characteristics, it's better that way."

Carletto talked about the importance of Cristiano Ronaldo to the team: "Cristiano's absence motivates the rest of the team. Cristiano is vital for us. Without him, the rest work harder."

On Karim Benzema: "He's important not only because he scores. Once in a while, I ask him to do a different job. He has the ability to play a bit behind the defensive line. He's a very complete player. He's very important for us."

About Isco's lack of playing time: "I count on Isco every day. He's a great player. We'll need him in the future. I know I can count on him. He'll play in the following matches."

On Luka Modric's impressive moment: "The team's balance is determined by the entire team, but Modric is working a lot. He deserves all the applause from Bernabéu."

On the team's overall shape: "The team is well. We have a lot of games to play and we have to be focused on every single one of them. This is only going to get tougher."

Karim Benzema shared a few words with the media too.

First, he discussed the great accomplishment of tying Ronaldo (the Brazilian) with 104 goals as a Real Madrid player: "It's an honor. He's the greatest player ever. I'm happy to be playing in the best team."

He also had some praise for Jesé: "He's fine, he's really good. He's young and he helps a lot."

On the team's depth: "We have a great team, with great strikers to win games."

Finally, he talked a bit about Cristiano Ronaldo: "He's the best player in the world and we'll keep supporting him."

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