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Thibaut Courtois Agrees Deal With Real Madrid for 2016

The Belgian keeper will play for Chelsea next season and then will join Real Madrid when his contract ends on summer 2016, 'El Larguero' reported.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Strong rumor coming from the Spanish press. Radio show 'El Larguero' reported this Sunday that Thibaut Courtois has told Atlético de Madrid President Gil Marín that he'll be a Real Madrid player when his contract with Chelsea FC ends on summer 2016.

Now that the player is reportedly that sure about his future, Real Madrid will try to start negotiations with Chelsea FC and José Mourinho in order to have the young keeper on the roster as soon as possible. If Mourinho doesn't want to talk about a transfer, Courtois would be joining Madrid for free in two years.

If Thibaut Courtois joins Real Madrid for the 2014-2015 season, either Iker Casillas or Diego López will have to leave the club. And it seems that Courtois would already be the best keeper out of those three.

This potential deal would make a lot of sense for Real Madrid as both López and Casillas are getting old. Courtois could be Real's keeper for at least one decade.

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