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Jesé Rodríguez Has Successful Surgery in Germany

The Spanish winger repaired his torn ACL in Augsburg, Germany

German doctor Ulrich Boenisch was in charge of Jesé Rodríguez's surgery to repair his ACL. Real Madrid's medical staff supervised the operation. Real Madrid announced that the surgery was completed successfully.

The player Jesé Rodríguez was operated today in the Hessingpark-Clinic in Augsburg by doctor Ulrich Boenisch under the supervision of Real Madrid-Sanitas doctors Jesús Olmo and Francisco Morate.

The surgery, which was completed successfully, consisted in repairing the ACL and meniscus of the player's right knee.

Jesé will be back in Madrid after the doctors discharge him.

Jesé will now have to undergo rehab to completely heal his ACL and be back in good form with Real Madrid in quite some months. If everything goes well, Jesé should be back with the team around October, but he will likely need some time to get in shape.

We analyzed the impact of ACL injuries here and discussed Ancelotti's rotation without Jesé in this other article.

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