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Carlo Ancelotti: "We Are Looking Forward To Winning Tomorrow"

Great sensations before El Clásico. Our coach sat with the media and answered several questions to confirm Real Madrid's desire to obtain a victory tomorrow.

Despite the tremendous difficulty of facing an extraordinary rival like Barça, Carletto's words reflect the self-esteem our team has. Tomorrow's game is a great chance to confirm the good job the staff have been doing to play thirty-one consecutive games without a single loss.

I don't think we played a good game in Camp Nou, but the second half was nice. We will try to play the full game as we did in that second half.

We are looking forward to playing tomorrow. The team has a lot of ilussion to win this game and we are going to try to do what we have been doing lately, which is display an offensive performance, to attack and defend together, etcetera.

As we were conjecturing from his words on Tuesday, there will be no experiments tomorrow. The full roster is available and the starting lineup will be the one we all have in mind: López; Carvajal, Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo; Alonso, Modric, Di María; Bale, Benzema and Ronaldo.

Benzema is fully recovered, and also Isco, who was suffering from a minor cold but is now fine.

Regarding the importance of El Clásico, Carletto confirmed Real Madrid will do their best to obtain a victory.

We will not be happy with a draw. Some people may be forgetting that this is not just a Real Madrid-Barcelona confrontation for the title. Atlético is also there and we need to maintain the gap we have now.

Playing at home gives us a slight advantage from the beginning. The support of our fans will be important and we hope we can use it to win the match.

We will have the same pressure as Barça tomorrow. El Clásico is important, not only for the race to the title, but for the general mood of the team. It is a game that is different to any other game.

Tactical issues were also discussed, and our coach stressed the importance of collective play and controlling the midfield to succeed.

Both teams have players that can win the match just by themselves, but I think the collective play will make the difference. The team who play the best will win tomorrow.

Barcelona will try to keep their usual philosophy. They'll try to prevail in midfield positions and control the ball, as we will do. The midfield will be an important area tomorrow, and I think that the one who controls it will get the victory.

Finally, some comments were made about the highlight names in the game.

I would not say Cristiano is at his best moment right now, because he is been doing the same since the season started. He's been playing fantastic and scoring a lot of goals since August.

Bale is in an extraordinary condition. We made him switch positions with Fideo in Camp Nou but he is used to the right wing now and we will not make any experiments tomorrow.

Messi and Neymar are key players for Barcelona, and we will need to keep a compact midfield and defensive line to control them.

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