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In case you are not fired up yet for El Clásico, Cesc's new commercial might help

Just a few hours before the big game we get this controversial commercial by a very popular headphones company, featuring Cesc Fàbregas. Just so you know, you probably won't like it.

As if playing for La Liga against our eternal rivals at the Bernabéu isn't enough to have us all anxious and with the desire to see Real Madrid trash Barcelona in just a few hours, a popular headphones company has released this controversial commercial to get us even more fired up:

First of all, the company does clarify that those are "purely fictional images" and that "the images in the commercial do not reflect real images". Way to go guys. Let's try to generalize and sell the image of an entire city and Real Madrid fans this way, showing a bunch of guys heavily insulting not just the opponent but their home city as well. Guy throwing stuff at their bus included, by the way.

It's a rude, ignorant commercial, no matter what they are selling or the people they're targeting with it. It's bad, it's controversial and it's going to draw a lot of attention, leaving a few people pretty angry about it in the process. However, it's nothing more than a commercial so let's not overreact about it either.

As for Cesc, good luck to him trying to ignore the noise at the Bernabéu right before and during the game. Oh, and he looks really rude ignoring those poor journalists trying to talk to him as gets off the bus. Shame on you, Francesc.

If you own a pair of those headphones, throw them away immediately! (Uhh...actually, don't, since they are very expensive but be ashamed of yourself. At least for a few hours.)

Dear Cesc:

It's on.

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