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Carlo Ancelotti: "We might have been affected by some of the calls"

Not sure everyone will agree with some of Ancelotti's answers but here they are. Marcelo and Sergio Ramos joined his coach and talked to the media after their 3-4 loss to Barcelona. You don't want to miss Ramos' answers.

Carlo Ancelotti

The Italian coach started by talking about Neymar's controversial penalty:

"I haven't seen the penalty by Ramos on Neymar. It's hard for me to discuss a call by the ref. It was definitely the key play. I don't discuss those things with my players. We might have been affected by some of his calls. "

On the team playing with ten men:

"With one less player it's a lot harder to control a game."

On their odds of winning La Liga:

"La Liga will be open until the last game. We need to fight and we need an immediate reaction after this."

Obviously, he wasn't particularly happy but knows this is still far from over:

"We aren't happy. We lost a big opportunity here but it's ok. We're fighting and La liga is still open."

His thoughts on the match:

"It was a good game. We were pressing really well and we tried to control the game and avoid Barcelona's possession. We made some small mistakes and lost because of them. We need to get over this quickly since Wednesday's game could be crucial."

"We didn't deserve to lose this game. We deserved it on our first losses to Barcelona and Atlético but not on this one. We've improved a lot since. The team showed its quality tonight. We had the game under control with the 3-2. It's true that Messi scored three goals but mistakes against those kind of players kill you."

His thoughts on Di María:

"Di María playing behind Alves' back was really important. With it, we were able to control the midfield. Di María feels comfortable there as he can find spaces on the outside."

On how his players can answer after this tough loss:

"I see my team ready to get back on their feet. We need to feel satisfied with the way we played." Uhh...right.

Finally, he keeps the team's hopes alive and says it's not over just yet:

"There are still nine games left. It will be a very intense race for every team. It will be open for the top three teams. Every game is now a key game."


The Brazilian joined his coach and shared his thoughts with the media:

"We fought but playing with ten is very complicated. Now we have to try to beat Sevilla. We tried to do everything the coach asked us to do. We always try to play well but we won't able to do it every time."

On the ref, Undiano Mallenco:

"I'm not going to talk about him. I don't have to. It's really complicated for us to play with one less player."

Finally, he keeps his hope alive:

"A lot of things can still happen. We keep our heads up high. We failed tonight but there are a lot of games left. If we had won tonight, La Liga wouldn't be over anyway. Now we have to keep fighting and beat Sevilla. "

Sergio Ramos

Finally, the man who saw the red card also talked about tonight's game and couldn't leave the ref out of it:

"The result isn't surprising. It's was a Clásico with a lot of tension and lots of goals but there's always a main character, and that's the ref. For Real Madrid and football's sake, I hope we don't get Undiano Mallenco ever again. Let us fight for some trophies in a neutral way."

"Maybe Cristiano's isn't a penalty but it deserved a card and the ref doesn't show it. Neymar is offside, I don't even touch him and he shows me the ref card."

Much like Cristiano, he let it all out against the refs and the RFEF (the Spanish Football Federation) :

"If they wanted to balance La Liga they definitely got it but Real Madrid will keep fighting for it."

"There are things you can't fight against, that are all calculated and you can't do anything about it. In games where there's just so much at stake, the RFEF should use the best they got. We can only go home, upset and feeling so frustrated. We're people and we can make mistakes but this was outrageous. It's clear that when you're the biggest team in the world you produce some envy. Enough is enough. We're tired of it."

He also talked about Ronaldo's controversial words:

"If Cristiano says that they don't want us to win La Liga it's because we all think that. There's things you can't fight against."

Finally, Xavi Hernández said Barcelona was the superior team. Ramos didn't like it:

"¿Xavi said that? Well...Against ten men..."

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