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Sevilla Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: 2-1 Game over, folks.

After the painful loss against Barcelona, Real Madrid's margin of error disappeared completely so this was a must-win for them.. We all expected them to give their best in this match. Their answer? One of their worst, most disgusting performances of the season.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Real Madrid entered this match with a lot of pressure on them and it was more than evident since it took Sevilla less than a minute to create their first meaningful chance. Fortunately, Asier Illarramendi kept Fazio from giving the home team an early lead.

The following minutes were a lot better for Madrid (wearing their cool blue kits tonight). After a decent attempt from Bale from outside the box, they started to take control of the game and Luka Modric soon found an open Benzema inside the box but Beto prevented him from scoring.

Real Madrid were showing a lot of urgency early in the game. They were fighting for each ball like there was no tomorrow. Exactly what you would expect from any team in a tough situation.

Just past the 10th minute mark, Benzema had another chance on a cross by Carvajal but the shot went wide. Right after that, he wasted one more opportunity thanks to a poor header. Now Sevilla could say they were more than lucky. For the madridista family, this reminded us of Karim's wasted chances against Barcelona and made us feel those missed shots were coming back later to bite us.

Real Madrid's intensity and persistence was rewarded on a free kick by Cristiano Ronaldo as his shot was deflected by Bacca's elbow, sending the ball to the net, leaving Beto without a chance. It was a well earned 1-0 score.

However, the joy didn't last very long. Bacca redeemed himself minutes later and tied it for his squad. Terrible mistake by Xabi Alonso. He turned the ball over near midfield, setting up Sevilla's counter attack. Just an unforgivable mistake by #14.

Once again, Real Madrid were struggling thanks to mistakes of their own. Other than the first couple of minutes, Sevilla were looking completely overwhelmed and then Alonso's mistake gave them life. The lack of focus on key games keeps haunting this team.

Beto saved his team once more as he cleared a complicated free kick by Cristiano Ronaldo. His complaints to the ref also made Bale see a laughable yellow card on a very common play. "Funny" thing is, the ref missed Rakitic holding Cristiano inside the box right before Bale's inexistent foul.

It was a back-and-forth game. Sevilla were now looking just as intense as Madrid. Both Reyes and Illarra had a chance to give their team a lead but couldn't convert. Ancelotti's men were indeed controlling the ball but could do very little with it. They were relying on shots from outside the box (which isn't a bad thing) but Beto was simply brilliant on those.

Cristiano Ronaldo was among the few players trying and one of his brilliant efforts almost gave Madrid the lead. He got to a ball inside the box right before Beto but his shot hit the post. The ball stood near the goal line but a Sevilla defender cleared it in time. One could argue that the ref should've called a foul on Beto as he pretty much tackles Ronaldo on the play.

That was the end of the first half. While they had the ball and had created a few chances, it was hard not to feel disappointed at Madrid's lack of focus and at times, lack of intensity.

The second half started with an aggressive Sevilla. Bacca gave his team their first shot of the second half after beating both Alonso and Carvajal but it went high. For some reason, they were still giving Real Madrid some space.

Real Madrid proved that having the ball means nothing if you can't do a thing with it. They had the ball but couldn't even get to Sevilla's territory consistently.

Marcelo found himself open inside Sevilla's box with a chance to shoot or cross. He decided to cross and was deflected by a defender. That was Madrid's best and only chance in the first 15 minutes of the second half.

Los Blancos were facing a wall of Sevilla defenders and that was starting to frustrate them. Other than crosses inside the box, they couldn't come up with anything. They weren't even able to take long shots.

Ancelotti replaced Illarra with Isco at the 66th, hoping to provide something different.

Sevilla then killed all hopes on a majestic play by Rakitic. He schooled Pepe near midfield. Bacca then got past the Portuguese defender and beat Diego López to make it 2-1 for Sevilla. Carvajal was nowhere to be found either.

It was the 80th minute and Sevilla's defensive wall looked impossible to breach. Some would say Sevilla's third goal looked more likely than Madrid's second. Truth is, Ancelotti's men looked as bad as they could in the second half.

Other than Marcelo's poor crosses inside the box and a couple poor long shots by Bale and Alonso, Real Madrid were dying without even putting up a fight. Marcelo also tried his luck outside the box at the 86th with the exact same results.

Ancelotti's final cry for help came in the 90th minute when he sent Morata in for Modric. Yes, that happened at the 90th minute. The kid barely even touched the ball.

And that's exactly how the match ended for Real Madrid. Without any ideas or intensity. Sevilla earned the win as they were the best team on the pitch.

The first half was under control but right after Xabi's mistake, it all fell apart. Sevilla were the best team in the entire second half. Real Madrid looked completely harmless in the final 45 minutes. You never felt they were really close to regaining the lead or at least tying the game. Ancelotti once again disappointed with the substitutions and giving Morata less than the aggregate time is so infuriating. Some players were barely jogging. Just a mediocre performance overall.

This loss means it's all over for Real Madrid and what a poor, disgusting way to say goodbye to La Liga. Time to focus on Copa del Rey and Champions League.

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