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Sevilla Vs Real Madrid, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Player Ratings

Poor performance from some of our players in a loss that could be decisive for the title race.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Diego López: B-. He could have done more in both of Sevilla's goals, specially in the second one, which were, essentialy, their only shots on goal.

Carvajal: B. Fine match to stop Sevilla's attacks through their wing, and he mixed well with Bale when Madrid had the ball.

Pepe: C. He failed in Sevilla's second goal, first being surpassed by Rakitic and later losing the race to Bacca.

Varane: C. He had quite a correct game but, as Pepe, he could have done a lot more to stop Rakitic in Sevilla's second goal.

Marcelo: C. Quite bad. He seemed not interested in defending and lacked intensity to come back for Sevilla's counterattacks. He appeared in offensive positions in the second half with great advantage and did not take any profit of them.

Alonso: D. Horrible. Only one positive action in the whole match, which was a stolen ball to Rakitic. He lost a crucial ball in Sevilla's first goal and he missed a big amount of key passes.

Modric: B-. A bit insignificant, although the low-pace game showed today by the team favours his performance and he appeared more than last Sunday. Great deffensive display.

Illarramendi: B+. Absolutely correct performance. He definitely did what was demanded of him to give the team the balance it lacked against Barça.

Bale: B-. Poor game. His speed was useful at certain phases of the game but he seemed terribly anxious with shots from weird positions.

Benzema: B+. Possibly, our best player today. His movement between midfield and attacking lines was extraordinary and his great passing should have supposed more profit to his partners.

Ronaldo: B. Although he scored Real Madrid's unique goal, his offensive performance was not as good as we should hope from him. He had another good ocassion but his shot hit the post after Beto had stopped him with a penalty that was not called by the ref.

Isco: C+. He occupied Illarra's spot to try to improve Madrid's offensive phase, but he was not able to create any clear goal chance. Poor performance.

Morata: -. He entered the field so late that he did not have enough time to show anything.

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