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Carlo Ancelotti Post-Match Press Conference: Real Madrid 1 : Sevilla 2

Carletto Ancelotti spoke to the press after Wednesday's bitterly disappointing loss to Sevilla. The loss puts Real Madrid three points behind leaders Atletico Madrid in the race for La Liga.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Real Madrid's manager expressed his disappointment at what he called a somewhat unfair result for Los Blancos:

"This loss is not fair, although it's true that we did not defend their counters well. The first half was good and we scored a goal. The tie, which was our own fault, complicated the match."

After losing two straight games, Ancelotti remains optimistic that the team won't be mentally compromised ahead of the Champions League quarterfinals:

"I don't think the team will be affected. When everything was running smoothly I said we'd encounter moments of difficulty. We need to react quickly."

On his team's sloppy play, Ancelotti acknowledged his team's missed opportunities:

"We weren't clinical with our finishing in the first half and conceded two goals on the counter. We needed more balance."

Carletto refused to scapegoat Xabi Alonso despite the Red Beard's turnover to launch Sevilla's counter-attack:

"He messed up a pass or control of the ball but we didn't cover his back, either. It's not a Xabi Alonso problem."

Ancelotti was confronted as to why he's been unable to win in his rivals' grounds:

"It's not a problem. This team has lost against small teams, too. La Liga has many strong teams and all the games are difficult. We have to think about ourselves. We've lost two matches but need to believe we can win the league. We're behind but need to believe it's possible."

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