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Carlo Ancelotti: "These Two Losses Were Not Due to Bad Play"

Ancelotti also said that Cristiano Ronaldo will start despite he has a slight knee problem

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Carlo Ancelotti spoke to the press after the two catastrophic defeats against Barcelona and Sevilla. Still, Carlo Ancelotti appeared to be calm. He praised Rayo's style and confirmed that both Diego López and Cristiano Ronaldo will start against Paco Jémez's team, even though López has been highly criticized and Cristiano Ronaldo is playing through a slight knee problem.

We talked about this already [López vs Casillas]. I made things clear. Diego is playing well, so is Iker and therefore López will play against Rayo and Casillas will do it against Borussia.

About him making some rotations, he said the following.

I only need to make rotations if a player is tired. Modric had a fever today, but he's OK now, so we will have to wait until tomorrow. Cristiano, Alonso and all the rest will play. We lost two games but we finished well physically in both of them.

José Mourinho said that he expected Real Madrid to lead the table against "the worst Barcelona in years". They asked Ancelotti about it and he said this.

That's his opinion. All I know is that this Real Madrid is fighting for La Liga, something last year's Real Madrid could not do.

And finally, when asked about Cristiano Ronaldo being angry when Bale shot the last-minute free-kick, Carlo showed why the press call him the peacemaker.

When Bale takes a free-kick, that is because Cristiano Ronaldo agrees. Ronaldo is the first one on the list.

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