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Real Madrid Vs Rayo Vallecano, Liga BBVA 2013-2014: Player Ratings

This was exactly the kind of performance this team needed after those painful losses. Great job to gain some confidence for next week's Champions League game.

Denis Doyle

Diego López: A The few times he needed to take action, he did without any trouble. He had a quiet evening thanks to Pepe and the defensive line.

Dani Carvajal: A- Once again, his best moments happen when he's near the opponent's box. He was consistently up there but lacked accuracy on the final pass. His persistence was rewarded by scoring Madrid's second goal.

Pepe: A The team's best defender once again. Rayo never created any meaningful danger.

Sergio Ramos: B- For some reason he kept joining the attackers without a lot of success. Whenever he was close to the ball, he was either inaccurate or way too aggressive. Not saying he was bad but his intensity was a surprise.

Fabio Coentrao: B+ He was really good on defence and when he had time to attack, he didn't look bad either.

Xabi Alonso: B While he wasn't terrible, it's clear he isn't 100%. He played more as a fifth defender, especially after Ramos kept adding himself to the attack.

Asier Illarramendi: B Good job by #24 who was, in my opinion, unfairly replaced by Ancelotti. While Rayo had the ball a lot around midfield, he contributed in stopping them from creating any serious danger.

Ángel Di María: A One of the team's best players nowadays. He was great at recovering and starting the counter attacks and also assisted Bale on the 3-0.

Gareth Bale: A+ Man of the match. Assisted Cristiano on the first goal, his 12th of the year, but hilariously wasted a one-on-one opportunity after a great counter started by Di María. He would redeem himself to score the team's third (in another assist by Di María) and fourth goals. The play on the fourth goal was all Bale's, including a fantastic 70-meter race.

Cristiano Ronaldo: A+ He gave Real Madrid the lead with a fantastic goal. He also brilliantly assisted Carvajal for the 2-0. He also set up the third goal. Not too shabby. Unfortunately, he got a bit greedy on what could've been the fifth goal. For a guy playing with a knee issue he looked pretty good.

Karim Benzema: C- With the 1-0, he missed an unbelievable chance in front of the goal. The French striker was inaccurate for most the game. He participated in the third goal, helping CR7 setting up the play.

Carlo Ancelotti: A- It was good to see him give the young players some meaningful time to show themselves. Still, it would've been nice to give Illarramendi the entire 90 minutes. He just won't give Alonso some rest.

Isco (62'): C He had half an hour but couldn't appear a lot in the game. The game was pretty much over at the 70th minute so the pace didn't help him a lot.

Casemiro (70'): C He went in with the game already won and wasn't tested very often.

Morata (73'): A Carlo finally gave him more than five minutes. How did he answer? By scoring one of the team's best goals of the entire season.

Crowd: F Absolutely disgusting. There's no other way to describe it. You go to the stadium just to boo your own team? A team like Real Madrid deserves better. They booed Diego López, Carletto, Benzema, Illarra and even Cristiano. Unbelievable.

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