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Ancelotti: "Booing Cristiano is not comprehensible"

Ancelotti sounded satisfied with the team's performance but disappointed with the fans booing them all game long. Álvaro Morata and Dani Carvajal joined him and shared some of their thoughts with the media as well.

Denis Doyle

Carlo Ancelotti

On tonight's win:

"We reacted well after two losses. We just played a good game with a good attitude. The 5-0 helps to prepare the next game."

On the upcoming challenges:

"We have to keep going. It's an important moment of the season. We wish we could be getting there a lot better but we're living a good moment. Physically, we're fine and mentally we've reacted really well. We're looking ahead with optimism. If we win every game left at least we win the Champions League and copa del Rey. We have to be positive."

What does Carletto think of playing after Barcelona and Atlético de Madrid?:

"It might affect us but we have to be focused on our game."

On the crowd booing them, Cristiano Ronaldo included, tonight:

"I've said that, at times, I understand the booing. Sometimes we deserve it. Sometimes we don't. The players have given us a big effort. Sometimes, things just won't work. We need everybody's support. Booing Cristiano is not comprehensible."

He's right there but that doesn't apply to Cristiano alone. If you go to the stadium, you have to support the team. If not, just save your money and stay at home.

After the losses, Carlo doesn't think his team hasn't changed a lot:

"I don't think a lot has changed. We had some small mistakes against Barcelona and Osasuna. Today we didn't. We relied too much on the counter attacks. At times we didn't have a lot of balance. Our four guys in the back did well."

On Cristiano's knee injury:

"He's fine. He had a tiny wound on his knee. Nothing dangerous, just a minor cut."

Xabi Alonso hasn't looked really well lately. Ancelotti explained why he keeps starting him:

"I think he's ok. He doesn't need to be very dynamic in that position. Modric and Di María do need to be more dynamic, Alonso doesn't. We need balance and intelligence. Xabi has both."

On what kind of atmosphere he expects next Wednesday against Borussia:

"There will sure be a great atmosphere in the Bernabéu next Wednesday because everybody has the same dream, which is La Décima. We need to stay together to reach that dream."

Finally, he discussed the crowd booing Diego López and how it might affect the GK:

"He's a man focused on his work and I don't think this will affect him."

Álvaro Morata

The author of the night's best goal (and one of the best in the entire season) started by talking about his new look:

"It's good to change at times. I wanted to do it and Sergio Ramos shaved my head. It brought us some good luck."

On his goal tonight:

"I haven't been great on scoring chances this year. Here at home, with this crowd, I owed them because of all they've given me and I hope I can score more. It was a good goal and we were able to get the win."

He knows the team can't fail again:

"We know that, in order to win La Liga, we have to keep winning. We've discussed things between ourselves and we're giving it all. As long as there are points to gain, we're going for them."

So, what else was discussed between the players?

"We said we have great qualities and a great team and that we all have to head in the same direction. We need to be critical with ourselves. We're in the greatest team in the world and the expectations will always be very high. We have to keep going."

On Carvajal's goal:

"He's a kid who was born to play in Real Madrid. He deserves the goal. I'm really happy for him."

On Cristiano Ronaldo deciding to shoot instead of assisting him in what would've been an easy goal:

"Maybe CR7 and Bale could've passed me the ball. However, I've played in some games very anxious and I wasn't accurate either. "

He also discussed the little time he had against Barcelona:

"It's hard to do something in one minute but maybe if I cross the ball well, the play can end in a goal."

Dani Carvajal

Finally, Carvajal had a few words of his own. He talked about his mistake against Barcelona:

"It's true that I made a mistake on Iniesta's goal. The criticism can help at times."

He last talked about the goalkeeper debate that has been discussed to death:

"There is a debate there but I think both Iker and Diego are playing really well."

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